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We at Micro Melt take pride in offering promising and uncompromised quality at reasonable prices. With a name as one of the leading manufacturers of castings India, we are one of the highly reputed and renowned exporters of investment castings with a large and wide client base. Since we strictly cater to the quality guidelines, we have long standing professional ties with some of the leading clients. Also, we have a dedicated and hard working technical team with us working relentlessly to churn out superior quality products. Since Micro Melt cares a lot about your image and name, our team puts in effort to follow the upbeat trends to offer you cutting edge investment casting solutions.

Why trust us

You can certainly bank on us for best investment castings India as:

1) we have a proficient team with years of experience in casting manufacturing business
2) we boast about delivering best-in-class products and following updated casting techniques according to market demand.
3) with innovative and creative approach, we give attention to detail for every product being rolled out

Why you should choose Micro Melt for Investment Castings?

1) Advance Casting Techniques At Micro Melt, we are popular to follow advance casting techniques as per industry trends and market demand which can fulfill customer requirements.

2) Expert professional team we have appointed skilled and professional team having more than 10 years of experience in casting parts manufacturing industry.

3) Leading Technology Because of creative and innovative approach, we applied leading technology and always delivering most advance casting solutions to our clients.

4) Maximum Accuracy rate Each and every product at Micro Melt is manufactured under strict quality guidelines that assure maximum accuracy and efficiency.

5) Affordable Castings last but not least, all of our casting components can be availed at most affordable rates without compromising on quality standards.